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07 September 2017


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Anne Dean

Totally agree with your critique Stephen. Along with private health care, private education maintains the status quo and state supports through charitable status continues to condone it. Standards of state schools are often compared to those achieved in private sector establishments, which serve as a stick with which to beat the teachers and students with. Almost inevitably those high achieving state schools are to be found in the leafy suburbs, where the house prices exclude virtually all but those long suffering locals who have been clinging on in local authority housing for decades. It is a real credit to those people who survive the 'independent' sector, come out the other side and see their personal experiences
for what they were, and who choose to hold them up to the light and actively seek to ensure that generations to follow do not live under their very dark shadow. Such people would not want to perpetuate the stain they leave on the landscape. There is no real choice in this contest for anyone who wants a better life for all.

Alison Gray

Agree with all of the above very strongly and believe it should be discussed far more openly in the LP. However, there needs to be a strategy which addresses the knock-on consequences (I was going to say (I was going to say 'unforeseen ', but they can easily be predicted).


Excellent article, Stephen.

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